Vote for Tom Corrigan

Sean Carrigan nails his role as the ultimate one-issue candidate in Vote for Tom Corrigan a Woodhead Entertainment short.

Some people have accused Woodhead of being low-brow. So we got all political on our doubters. (Alright, it’s still pretty low-brow). But political websites and blogs loved Tom Corrigan. The Huffington Post and MSN News wrote about it, and the commercial played on Television in markets across the country: check out the TV broadcast here.

  • Tom Corrigan: Sean Carrigan
  • Narrator: Suzanne Quast
  • Directed by Tony Yacenda.
  • Written by Dan Perrault, Tony Yacenda, Lenny Pierce and Sean Carrigan.
  • Produced by Suzanne Quast.
  • Cinematography by Alan Gwizdowski.
  • Music by Darien Shulman.
  • Music Mixed by Ric Schnupp.
  • Graphic Design by Kathleen Cummings.
  • Edited by Tony Yacenda.
  • Narrator Suzanne Quast.
  • Featuring: Bob Chiste as Bill Thompson.

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