Juvenile Humor. Professional Execution.

Writing, directing, editing and publishing. Original shorts, branded media, feature films.
  • 30 for 30: The Space Jam Game

    Another short we wrote and directed for the Yahoo! Sketchy series.

    30 for 30: The Space Jam Game
  • James Gilbert: Luger: Hero

    Our version of one of NBC’s Olympic human-interest stories.

    James Gilbert: Luger: Hero
  • Get The Guy

    Woodhead wrote and produced the following video to promote “Get The Guy“, a book by Matthew Hussey.

    Get The Guy
  • Syria Kickstarter

    We wrote and directed this for the Yahoo! Sketchy series.

    Syria Kickstarter
  • This is Jay Calvin

    Woodhead’s darkly comedic 27-minute mockumentary about the rise and fall of a delusional filmmaker named Jay Calvin. Premiering on NoBudge on May 29th.  

    This is Jay Calvin
  • Average Party

    Sometimes, one big party can change your life… Usually not.

    Average Party
  • Extremely Dark Knight

    Over half a million views on YouTube. Featured on the front page of Reddit.com and FunnyOrDie.com.

    Extremely Dark Knight
  • Favre: Rise

    Almost 4 million YouTube views. Featured on the front page of Break, FunnyorDie, NBC Sports, and others. Also featured on ESPN.

    Favre: Rise
  • Shark Pool

    Over 1 million YouTube hits. Featured on the front page of sites including FunnyOrDie, Cracked, and Screenrant.

    Shark Pool
  • Shadoweyes

    Woodhead’s homage to filmmakers. Starring Owen Teague, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Jon Bernthal.

  • Last Words

    Nominated for Best Comedy at the LA Comedy Festival, The West Chester International Film Festival and the Burbank International Film Festival.

    Last Words
  • Vote for Tom Corrigan

    Featured on the front page of FunnyOrDie.com and the Huffington Post.

    Vote for Tom Corrigan

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