Last Words

This Woodhead short featured Jon Bernthal and Mark Pelligrino. It was a film festival favorite.

Last Words was nominated for Best Comedy at the LA Comedy Festival, The West Chester International Film Festival and the Burbank International Film Festival.

As Woodhead’s second short, people in the film festival circuit and online began to notice our ability to create juvenile humor with professional execution:

“Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault are at it again with their hilarious brand of filmmaking” –

“I really enjoyed this video. Mostly because it amuses me that tens upon tens of hours of production, design, and staging went into a video where the punchlines are about crapping oneself and sodomizing a horse. It’s a beautiful paradox more than anything.”

Col. Carter: Mark Pellegrino
Lt. Adams: Sean Carrigan
Jennings: Jon Bernthal
Scribe: Dan Perrault

Directed by Tony Yacenda.
Written and Produced by Dan Perrault, Ethan Rosenberg and Tony Yacenda.
Executive Producer: Sean Carrigan.
Cinematography: Jess Dunlap.
Production Design: Maggie Dillon.
Edited: Brian Vannucci.
Sound design: Sam Ejnes.
Original score: Darien Shulman.
Music Mixing: Ric Schnupp.
Sound Recordist: Ralph Abeel.
Gaffer: Zach Salsman.
Makeup: George Troester.
Associate Producers: Matt Dahan, PJ McCabe, Kevin McManus, Matt McManus.
Featuring: Anthony Delongis and the Richmond Howlitzers.
Narrator: Robert Defonte.