Extremely Dark Knight

Dan Perrault’s Batman is darker and much more random than Christian Bale’s

Extremely Dark Knight has over 700K views on YouTube. It was featured on the front page of Reddit.com and FunnyOrDie.com.


  • Starring:
    • Sean Carrigan as the Crook
    • Dan Perrault as Batman
    • Suzanne Quast as Misty
  • Directed by Tony Yacenda
  • Written by Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda
  • Executive Producers: Suzanne Quast and Sean Carrigan.
  • Produced by Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault
  • Cinematography by Jess Dunlap
  • Edited by Tony Yacenda
  • Score by Darien Shulman
  • “Crashing Down” by Brian Vannucci and Robert Brentley
  • Sound Recordist: Pete Olivio
  • Sound Design: Roni Pillischer
  • ReRecord Mixer: Ric Schnupp
  • Associate Producers: Chas Galloway, Bud GallowayDeForrest Taylor
  • Camera/Electric: Alvin Octoman, Mike Riccitelli, Mark Rosen
  • Stunt Coordinator: Antal Kallik
  • Batman Body Double: Bryan Morton
  • Production Assistant: Andrew Yarchin
  • Shot entirely at Icon LA Ultra Lounge