Tony Yacenda

Tony is a co-founder of Woodhead Entertainment. He grew up outside of Philadelphia. He earned a BA in Film from Emerson College in Boston and then headed out to Los Angeles where he currently resides. For a small East Coast liberal arts college, Emerson has a big footprint in LA. Tony’s projects frequently draw upon his Emerson connections.

Before settling in LA, Tony helped Matt and Kevin McManus develop their feature comedy Funeral Kings. After Funeral Kings premiered at SXSW, Variety said “it could become one of those films by which an age group defines itself.” It’s US theatrical debut will be later this month in LA.

As writer/director, Tony worked with Dan Perrault and Sean Carrigan to develop several comedic shorts – the Woodhead Originals. They have been featured on the front page of sites like Funnyordie, Huffington post, Screenrant, CollegeHumor and Reddit. The Woodhead Originals received over 6 million views on YouTube. Most importantly, the edgy comedy and professional execution helped Tony and his colleagues make business connections.

Tony co-produced Shark Proof, a feature film starring Jon Lovitz. He worked on final edits of the script and then worked on set as a creative co-producer.

The Woodhead group is keeping busy with individual engagements; but Tony’s main objective is to find the right vehicle for Woodhead’s collective talents.

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