These are the posts that we thought merited a place on our home page slide show.

30 for 30: The Space Jam Game

Another short we wrote and directed for the Yahoo! Sketchy series.

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James Gilbert: Luger: Hero

Our version of one of NBC’s Olympic human-interest stories.

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Get The Guy

Woodhead wrote and produced the following video to promote “Get The Guy“, a book by Matthew Hussey.

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Syria Kickstarter

We wrote and directed this for the Yahoo! Sketchy series.

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This is Jay Calvin

Woodhead’s darkly comedic 27-minute mockumentary about the rise and fall of a delusional filmmaker named Jay Calvin. Premiering on NoBudge on May 29th.


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Average Party

Sometimes, one big party can change your life… Usually not.

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Extremely Dark Knight

Dan Perrault’s Batman is darker and much more random than Christian Bale’s

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Favre: Rise

Woodhead Entertainment’s first comedic short, Favre: Rise, was a viral hit.

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Shark Pool

This movie trailer — a spoof of the horror film ‘Shark Night’ — blew-up on Reddit and Facebook.

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13-year-old Timmy Muldoon’s home movie evolves into the Hollywood film of his dreams.

Last Words

This Woodhead short featured Jon Bernthal and Mark Pelligrino. It was a film festival favorite.

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Vote for Tom Corrigan

Sean Carrigan nails his role as the ultimate one-issue candidate in Vote for Tom Corrigan a Woodhead Entertainment short.

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