About Us

The founders of Woodhead Entertainment are:

We started with a video called “Favre: Rise”. We used the format of Nike’s overblown “LeBron: Rise” commercial to poke fun at Brett Favre and his dalliances with retirement and other things. We shot the video because we knew it would be funny and we figured that it would be a good way to get noticed. It was.

We weren’t surprised that Favre: Rise was a viral hit; but we were not prepared for the business inquires that came our way. We didn’t even have a name for our “company”. We decided to call ourselves Woodhead Entertainment after Danny Woodhead. That’s not even a joke. We just think he’s a good player.

As Woodhead Entertainment we have done a number of original shorts. Individually, we used our Woodhead connections to work on a number of projects, including acting, writing and directing gigs on the internet, TV and feature films.